Our Company

The journey that we started in 2007 as IDM Plastic and Mold Design Office continued by providing contract CNC service in line with customer demands. After the process starting from the design and continuing with the CNC machining service, it continues with the mold manufacturing of the designed products Our company, with its experience from the past, qualified machinery park, young and dynamic staff of 25 people in total, can perform mold production of plastic parts in the most complex form, CNC workmanship services in precise tolerances with ISO9001 quality certificate. We are proud to have served with the support of intermediary firms to the leading brands , such as a world furniture brand lkea; the automotive field brands like Audi, Mercedes and Ford, a Turkish brand in the automotive field Togg’s production of front, rear bumper and many parts, and also chair sector used in areas such as offices, garden furniture and restaurants. It also provides 5-axis machining services with its renewed machine park and software. Our company, which draws a dynamic and constantly growing company profile that is open to innovation and global competition, continues its services in various projects with leading companies in its sector. Our company provides mold processing and manufacturing services up to 30 tons.

  • Our Mission and Vision

    Our aim is to be demanded and sought in the national and international arena; continues as an industrial organization that has adopted a competitive, innovative quality lifestyle. We examine and direct our vendors / manufacturers and our environment for complete perfection.
    In order for our work to be based on the principles and foundations of the understanding of quality; we invest in people and humanitarian conditions by supporting education, sharing and participation. We aim to continuously develop the consumer for customer satisfaction, to identify and respond to industrial expectations and features, including design.

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